I wish

I wish so bad
That we could be
Right now
Sleeping or not
In a California King
With Satin sheets
And holding each other
All night
Watch the sun
Come up
And then fall asleep
In each others embrace

Kissing you

I want you
I want to feel like
A teenager again
Making out in the backseat
Of your car
Kissing you
Biting and licking your neck
Maybe feel me up
And stroke my hair
You’re like a drug
One hit of you and
I just want more
If you hold my hand
Don’t let go
Give us a chance
Or we will never know

Im getting tired. Tired of chasing someone who won’t even acknowledge me. Maybe it is all in my head. Maybe you don’t think of me at all. Even for a fleeting moment. I’m taking a break from chasing you. Its your turn to want me. Its your turn to chase me. And if you don’t then I will be OK even though its not what I want. You won’t follow me on any of my social media. Not even a like to show you are interested in me. I’m lonely. I need someone that’s gonna be there for me. If you don’t want to be with me, its OK. But if you have any feelings for me, you need to tell me. Soon. I won’t wait forever. I need some love. Show me some, or just keep ignoring me like you are right now and eventually I’ll find someone. But I will always love only you in my heart.


I’ve got class
But I’m no
Blessed virgin either
This girl has needs
And I’m too lazy
To fill them
All by myself
But I don’t want
Just a one night stand either
I want your whole heart
Or just forget it
You have my heart
Please respect it
-and me.